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Former U.S. Astronaut Dr. Bernard Harris gave students and teachers in Anchorage a first-hand experience with the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics when “The Dream Tour, presented by ExxonMobil” made its second stop of 2010 on March 3 at West Anchorage High School speaking to 1,400 students from Begich, Central, Clark and Romig Middle Schools.

The tour is designed to encourage today’s middle school students to realize their potential and strive to acquire strong math and science skills. The program included an interactive and inspirational program by Dr. Harris, a demonstration on space and engaging dialogue about achieving goals.

“It is critical that American students are prepared with the problem-solving skills and tools to tackle challenges they may face in the future. Providing them with a strong foundation in best essays for sale math and science education is imperative, and with The Dream Tour, I hope to inspire students to pursue studies and careers in these fields,” said Dr. Harris.

From humble beginnings in San Antonio to making history as the first African American to walk in space, Dr. Harris is a living example of achieving high aspirations. His story provides a pay for a paper powerful backdrop to bring his message to students in cities across America. Since 2008, Dr. Harris has encouraged almost 35,000 middle school students in more than 20 cities nationwide. This year, The Dream Tour will visit Anchorage, Baton Rouge, Billings, Cleveland, Denver, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco as Dr. Harris continues to motivate and inspire students to pursue math and science.

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